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How to fix ads.txt file in Blogspot blog tutorial?

Most people are upset about to Fix ads.txt error. they received an error in their Google AdSense account and suffering this tension. I have Solution for you how to fix ads.txt issue, we will guide you step by step.

How to create ads.txt page in your Blogspot domain?

upload ads.txt file in your Blogspot subdomain tutorial step by step guide, easy to understand and no need to read the article and follow instruction. watch below video and follow it your ads.txt problem will be solved.
A copy was given below HTML code and paste it on Setting custom ads.txt. just follow the below guidelines. Thanks, pub-***********, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

How to Use Blogspot Default XML Sitemap?

A Blogspot makes a sitemap automatically whenever you published any new content into your blog post page. You do not need to get any third-party tools. But you can’t customize your site-map manually because it’s generated automatically by Blogspot. Blogspot sitemap is important when you submit a site into Bing Webmaster Tools or Google search console.
Your site will easily index on google and users can see your post on google result as soon as possible.

This one is an example of your post sitemap

This one is an example of your page sitemap

Related More, you can search your sitemap for pages and posts, just by changing name to your blog name URL address. If you are using a paid domain, then your website sitemap will be shown like this locations.

Another way, you should note that the Blogspot sitemap is changed automatically in a queue number of blog posts. Look out this guy sitemap. There are showing multiple sitemaps into the main sitemap.


So at the start, when your all number of blog posts is less than 499, then your all posts links go to the main homepage sitemap i.e. But when someone posts his 502 posts, then, his main sitemap will change i.e. its first 1-501 post will be listed out in, and another 500-1000 listed out in and so on. And all these sub-sitemap pages will point to your main

So whenever you need to add a sitemap somewhere like Google webmaster tool, then you only need to apply your main sitemap i.e. You can also submit (add) your any site page sitemap if you have many important pages which are the best.

How to Create a Meta Description in Blogger?

In this blogspot post, I will try to show you how I create a Meta description in your blogger home-page and to every individual blog posts. Search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing will capture your blogspot post meta description and show it into its search results, see given below the screenshots for an example.

Show Meta Descriptions tags on Search result

1st of all I would like to tell you how to choose a meta description for your 1st home page and then for your blog post. But remember you have to first set a meta description for the homepage, only then you can set for the post, otherwise, you will not going to see that option organically.

Add Meta description for your Blogger Home page.

  • Go to the setting menu, select search preference option and then select meta tags, then click on yes to enable search description option.
  • Now you need to enter your home page blog-description and press on save changes.

Now when your Googlebot come again to crawl your site, then they will set that meta description when anybody opens your site on Google. Now let’s create a meta description for a single blog post.

Create a Meta description for your home page.

As I told you before, that you have to 1st enable blog meta description options from setting the main menu, then you can see option over here In the right side, you can see we have the option to write our post description.

Meta Description option

Now when somebody will search your blog post on Google or any search engine, then Google will bring that description as a snippets. I hope you like this tutorial which is related to Blogspot SEO Contents.

Meta description, and Meta Keywords HTML Code for WordPress or PHP site.

if you want to add meta description and keywords for your website and want to crawl on google then you should add meta tags on your website.
Copy below some main meta tags which you need, pick anyone and past on PHP header folder. Add these code below the <head> tag.

  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <meta name="description" content="Free Web tutorials">
  <meta name="keywords" content="HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript">
  <meta name="author" content="John Doe">
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

Blogging Tutorial For Beginners

Hello welcome to and in this post for those person who has started a blog, or interested in blogging I mean this pose for blogging tutorial for beginners. in this post I will cover some main topics which are very important for new person if you are old blogger and professional in this field then and  I must tell you that this post is not for you if you are blog senior then you should share this post for beginners. This post for beginners because they need it. so we should start our topic.

10 Topics Blogging Tutorial For Beginners

you should follow these 10 good paragraphs that you need to follow them step by step. if you follow these 10 topics. i ensure you that you will start your blogging in a few days.


Choose a domain Or Buy Domain

The main point is if you are going to start a blog then you need to first any domain I suggest that choose a good domain related to your niche post if you want to start a blog related dogs pets then you should add a niche keyword into your domain. it is the main pillar of your whole blog. because if you have to main related pet but you are writing a content about technology then you have less chance to ranking on Google. you will be lost but if you are writing post related to your domain name. I believe that you will be rank within 3 months.

Choose your niche

As at as I tell you in the previous paragraph that your post should be deleted your domain name. it’s main you need to select one niche.if you are making a blog related to any topic.  spouse, you buy a health and fitness domain. health and fitness is your niche and you should focus only on this keyword you were right only about health and fitness. your niche should be strong.dododon’t try to post any other niche into your website or blog just focus your niche.

Attach Site with social media networks

in this paragraph, we share with you some more tips about your blog. if you who made a blog related to your niche then you should create a social networks Facebook Twitter YouTube and other social networks .you need to create a page on that social media networks. and share your post on that network on a daily basis.

Daily Post related your niche

I hope you got it daily post is the better work to rank your blog or website in Google and the more benefits are the people you come to your blog and read new stuff on a daily basis. is it doesn’t get a post on your blog then I am sure, they will come back within one week but if your website is updated then your viewers will visit daily?

Write a good title, Description,

if you are post looks cool and pretty then you were will love your website and Google loves 2  clean blogs and they will index your post in Google search result immediately.

you need to add the keyword into your title and the first paragraph of description. someone will search on Google that you had and it will be the best chance to the viewers you open your side.   “e title” should at least 8 to 10 words. and description more than 150 words.


Your post should be friendly

Your post should be friendly and readable. someone member comes into your side and they can read good quality content related to his search result.  your first language and its grammar should be good that the client shouldn’t trouble.

DO SEO setting of the main Home page

2 little bit ISO from your homepage when Google will grow your website and started to index your pages and post on Google result homepage is the main page of blog or website it will look good your post already looking cool. you need to add meta tags robots.txt assignment submission from your home page. what is this things? we will read about it in the next post. these are necessary to your blog. Blogging tutorial for beginners should follow these topics.


Set Meta tags, sitemap submission, robots.txt
Never skip your post

You need to read content on daily basis and never skip ever pick a good quality keyword from Google Adword and write a good quality content related their keyword never skip your post writer post on daily basis add a Keyword on title and description.

Choose a low competition keyword.

Blogspot tutorial for beginners should choose the love keyword competition they should not choose a high-quality keyword and competition well because you are a beginner and it’s a difficult for you to work on high competition keyword I suggest that you should pick a lock all competition keyword and work on it.


Share your blog links to another site and social media

as I told you to create your daily post and share this links on social media on Facebook Twitter YouTube and another social media networks search on Google for our site top 10 social media platform worktop 10 social media platform and share your post on it daily basis

How To Disabled Gmail Account Recover

Step by step guides you that how to disabled Gmail account you can recover with following these few steps. Get your Gmail account back within few minutes easily.

How To Recover Disabled Gmail Account

Very well-known knowledge may occur when you find that your Gmail account is not more active. The fact is that your Google Account is not allowed to access the Google Items associated with it. Your account has been terminated due to the terms of Google Terms of Service because there are some reasons. In this way, if you have intentionally damaged a large number of policies, you may end up with a damaged Gmail account.

In addition to disappointment that Google will regularly disable the account without notice. In any case, fortunately, there are basic techniques for the recovery of your account on the web.


The Gmail account has been temporarily disabled

Usually, this is the easiest thing to overcome, because Google assures that your account may be affected. To modify the situation, you will be contacted to provide an acceptable test to your versatile number or recovery email. Potentially you do, you can send a quick message that allows you to quickly access your account. You must do this within 48 hours, otherwise, it will be difficult to restore your account.

The Gmail account has been disabled due to a breach of suggestions

In the event that your Gmail account has been denied the warning of the built-in management terms (TCS), you must remove your contact structure so that you can restart your Gmail account. Can do it You should read the Terms of Service so that the infection does not happen again and provide an email address. If you do not have any response, re-create two-day development as long as you do so.

When they have reacted, the next step will have to retrieve your Gmail so you can increase the access to all Google items schedule including AdSense. You can also see a collaboration meeting where you can open a topic “Gmail Weapons”. Just focus on the first Gmail account, because it’s the way to the rest of your other Google administrators. You should check the problems you are facing and according to the situation it should be resolved as soon as possible. In the event when the main partner sends Google Staff to their wire, their account will be expected within 48 hours or two business days online.

Gmail account disabled due to severe conflicts

In the event, the Gmail account is weakened due to the actual breach of the Terms of service, at the time, as a Google Agreement that manages your account, you will have many issues to recover your account at that time. These infections will be included, for example, to process your AdSense account immediately. Clearly clear is that you will make incredible efforts to re-set all efforts and your account.

The probability is that whatever happened did not look like a real violation, then you will be able to create your account for action within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the situation. If you have an opportunity to get a frozen result from your Gmail accounts, you can keep your information needed for your payment and Google Accounts. By ensuring that, you can not retrieve your account on the web, it will make the effect easier.

How to add widget in a blogger blog header beside the logo

About blogger is sharing a tutorial that how to add a widget in a blogger blog header beside the logo. Add a gadget in HTML for the top right of the page.


How to add widget in a blogger blog header Step by Step

it will help you to add a gadget on the top of the right section, tutorial here to add a widget in a blogger blog header tips given as below.

  1. Open blogspot dashboard then go to template area and then click Edit Html
  2. Press Ctrl+f and find the this Code <b:section class=’header’ id=’header’ maxwidgets
  3. Replace the code ” class=’header’ ” with class=’header header-left’.
  4.  Now Find this Code <div class=’header-cap-bottom cap-bottom’>
  5. Paste this Code above it, <div style=’clear:both;’/>
    <div class=’header-cap-bottom cap-bottom’>
  6.  And Paste this Code Just Above it <b:section class=’header-right crosscol’ id=’header-right’ maxwidgets=’1′ showaddelement=’yes’/>
  7. It will Look like this
  8. Now find the </head> code and add CSS Code just above it.
    display: inline-block;
    float: left;
    #header-right {
    margin-right: -20px;     // optional :used to move widget on right side for adjustment 
  9. Click to save, Its Done



How to add widget in a blogger blog header Video Tutorial


How to Upload Blogger Templates And Free Download

This Post about how to upload blogger templates and how can we free download these templates, this tutorial will fully guide you.
Everyone blog worker wants to make a good responsive blog. I know some are a blogger who is professional in this field, they are reading my article. Thanks for him to visit my website. But I am going to teach you here how to get free blogger templates online and how to download it free. Mony more online sites are selling paid blogger themes. If you are a beginner and going to create a blog free. If you want to make the responsive and SEO friendly website, Then you are at the right place.
I am gonna show you for blogger-templates free here with pictures. So that you understand properly.
I am using Blogspot. so I  am giving you demo in When you create a new blog at blogger and after selecting a domain, Blogger gives you some free themes to use it. But they look so simple and boring. you can see a template section. you can also see in the pictures.

free blog templates by blogger

You can see in this picture theme blogger. free templates for blogger do not look good. When you apply one of them then they look like this below the picture.

View of

Blogger templates look so bored. ok, let’s start that how can you find site theme on the browser. (I will provide you so soon blog themes in this blog, where you can easy to download any template).
In this post, I will try to explain to you to make your blog looks good. and after reading this post, next time you can download any blogger themes from Google search result.

Top 7 Websites who provides templates for blogger
These are the best 7 websites that most people using it for BloggerTemplates. It is so simple and fast work.

Open any one mention website and select your favorite theme for download. You can preview your selected template before download. It is your choice that which one you choose.

Download templates for blogger step by step

  •  Go to ”  ” and search there blogger template free download.
  •  Google will show world Top domains from the search result.
  •  Open the site check your favorite category
  •  I have mentioned above some blog themes site link, open it one of them and visit the direct link.
  • Select your favorite theme and download it. you can take preview before download. I have mentioned below the images.

Blogger templates file upload tutorial

  • Go to
  • After going to the Template option and after select the Backup/ Restore option button on the right side.
  • There will be open a new window like above the picture and then click the Choose file button to upload your blog theme.
  • Open your theme folder and get your Templates in the XML file.
  • Select and then ok. After click upload button, Your theme will be installed successfully.
Note: If you want any information then please contact us. and if you do not understand then you can also comment on us. I will reply to you within 1 day. If you are a beginner in blogging then you should read our 1st post, Which is that how to create a free blog?
You can get a more information related blog and facebook widgets and tips on this site.


How to create Google Account and Start blogging

Hello friends, I am going to share in the post that how to create a google account and create a blog site? Most people tell me how can we make a blog? Actually, they want to learn but being beginners, It is the most difficult to work without any information. We will discuss here that start your own blog step by step in blogger.

Create a Google Account and What is the blogger?

I will define it’s simply that we can make a blog free. It is the part of Google. Google provides us with free tools to make a good subdomain blog for your niche in google account. Simply you need to sign in on Google and then create the blog. How to create Google Gmail account for blogger? we will guide you step by step.



Free Create a Google Account Tutorial

It’s the easy method to explain to you that how to create Gmail, Blogger or Google account.

  • Go to and then click create an account. After the next page will be open.
  • In the Next page, you will have to fill the form. you need to put all the correct information in it for creating a google account.
  • You will see the form looks like this. Remember that your Username ( usmanlovedose90 ) and password ( Dil@908 ) should strong. and you should on it in your mind forever.
  • If you are under teen-age and you don’t have a mobile phone, then you do not need to add the mobile phone number.
If you don’t have any Gmail account and you are a beginner. This is the post for you. I suggest you that put the correct details in the form.

How to Sign in in Blogger?

  1. Use your Google or Gmail account.
  2. Go to and click sign in button on the top right side.
  3. And then sign in to continue blogger.
  4. Login and start your own blog.
This page will help you that how to create a blog?

How To Remove Blogger Templates Footer Credit? Foot Print Remove trick

Many Friends told me that how to remove blogger templates footer credit? because they do not show her/his footer credit to viewers. They want to show his/her blog sites as a professional. You can free download blogger themes online and remove its footer credit.

Blogger Templates Remove Footer Credit

We are going to introduce at the first time in this blog, about remove blog footer credit. We will describe you easy, simple and short words. Let’s start.




How to remove free blogger templates footer credit and make your own self-blog?

We had posted that how to download blogger templates and How to apply blog theme. if you did not apply templates then you must read the previous post. Today our topic is removed blog theme credit in blogger. so please follow below rules.
Go to your blog and then click Blogger Template button and after go to Html Code. Check Below Image.
After Edit HTML, the PHP coding templated will be open and just you need to search there id=’mycontent’   or  id=”mycontent” . You can find this code by Ctrl + F
And after the find, this just needs to replace this Code. id=”mycontent” style=”visibility: hidden”
and then click to save. and after you can check your blog template footer credit they must be hidden from my blog site. If you like this post then please like our facebook page and follow us on social media site.
This is my fresh result after editing this code.

If you have any confusion then please comment us. we will help you so soon as possible.

All about Blogger Tutorial and its Services

Blogger is a Google service that allows users to make online free web develope. This Blogger Tutorial gives you the complete knowledge about it.

About Blogger Tutorial

In this tutorial topic, we will talk about everything about the blogger. For comfort, I isolated every one of the tutorials into 4 stages

Blogger Basic:
All essential learning will be incorporated here, for example, ─ how to create a blog with custom space, how to create a post and a page, fundamental settings of your blog, and so on.

Blogger Format Making :
We will show you here how to create a custom layout for your blog.

Blogger Gadget Advancement :
You will figure out how to create and create blogger format’s gadgets.

Blogger Tutorials :
Every single other tutorial identified with Blogger will be incorporated into this progression.


Read more about blogger tutorial

Points of interest

I will probably show you everything about blogger/Blogspot in great request; well-ordered from start to the end, not arbitrarily like different sites did.

That is the reason, I will take after the Blogger Dashboard menu (Left-side menu) here. For instance, In the event that you need to get the hang of anything identified with Blogger Posts then you will discover the tutorials under the “Post” thing in the left-side menu on this website.

Appropriate Illustration

I generally attempt to give you legitimate case code, static picture, energized picture or whatever else.