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How to fix ads.txt file in Blogspot blog tutorial?

Most people are upset about to Fix ads.txt error. they received an error in their Google AdSense account and suffering this tension. I have Solution for you how to fix ads.txt issue, we will guide you step by step.

How to create ads.txt page in your Blogspot domain?

upload ads.txt file in your Blogspot subdomain tutorial step by step guide, easy to understand and no need to read the article and follow instruction. watch below video and follow it your ads.txt problem will be solved.
A copy was given below HTML code and paste it on Setting custom ads.txt. just follow the below guidelines. Thanks, pub-***********, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

How To Disabled Gmail Account Recover

Step by step guides you that how to disabled Gmail account you can recover with following these few steps. Get your Gmail account back within few minutes easily.

How To Recover Disabled Gmail Account

Very well-known knowledge may occur when you find that your Gmail account is not more active. The fact is that your Google Account is not allowed to access the Google Items associated with it. Your account has been terminated due to the terms of Google Terms of Service because there are some reasons. In this way, if you have intentionally damaged a large number of policies, you may end up with a damaged Gmail account.

In addition to disappointment that Google will regularly disable the account without notice. In any case, fortunately, there are basic techniques for the recovery of your account on the web.


The Gmail account has been temporarily disabled

Usually, this is the easiest thing to overcome, because Google assures that your account may be affected. To modify the situation, you will be contacted to provide an acceptable test to your versatile number or recovery email. Potentially you do, you can send a quick message that allows you to quickly access your account. You must do this within 48 hours, otherwise, it will be difficult to restore your account.

The Gmail account has been disabled due to a breach of suggestions

In the event that your Gmail account has been denied the warning of the built-in management terms (TCS), you must remove your contact structure so that you can restart your Gmail account. Can do it You should read the Terms of Service so that the infection does not happen again and provide an email address. If you do not have any response, re-create two-day development as long as you do so.

When they have reacted, the next step will have to retrieve your Gmail so you can increase the access to all Google items schedule including AdSense. You can also see a collaboration meeting where you can open a topic “Gmail Weapons”. Just focus on the first Gmail account, because it’s the way to the rest of your other Google administrators. You should check the problems you are facing and according to the situation it should be resolved as soon as possible. In the event when the main partner sends Google Staff to their wire, their account will be expected within 48 hours or two business days online.

Gmail account disabled due to severe conflicts

In the event, the Gmail account is weakened due to the actual breach of the Terms of service, at the time, as a Google Agreement that manages your account, you will have many issues to recover your account at that time. These infections will be included, for example, to process your AdSense account immediately. Clearly clear is that you will make incredible efforts to re-set all efforts and your account.

The probability is that whatever happened did not look like a real violation, then you will be able to create your account for action within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the situation. If you have an opportunity to get a frozen result from your Gmail accounts, you can keep your information needed for your payment and Google Accounts. By ensuring that, you can not retrieve your account on the web, it will make the effect easier.