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How to make a blog on blogger.com

Blogs are a great way to share experiences, thoughts, and updates online. Blogger and WordPress are just two popular sites that let you create blogs for free. To create a blog using Blogger, visit www.blogger.com.If you already have a Google account, you can log in, or sign up to create a new account. Next, choose a display name that will show up in your blog post signatures. Review the Terms of Service, and click Continue. Next, click Create Your Blog Now, then choose a name and web address. Finally, choose a design template. Feel free to write about whatever you want, and add videos and pictures, too. Just don’t forget to tell friends where to find your blog.


How to fix ads.txt file in Blogspot blog tutorial?

Most people are upset about to Fix ads.txt error. they received an error in their Google AdSense account and suffering this tension. I have Solution for you how to fix ads.txt issue, we will guide you step by step.

How to create ads.txt page in your Blogspot domain?

upload ads.txt file in your Blogspot subdomain tutorial step by step guide, easy to understand and no need to read the article and follow instruction. watch below video and follow it your ads.txt problem will be solved.
A copy was given below HTML code and paste it on Setting custom ads.txt. just follow the below guidelines. Thanks

google.com, pub-***********, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

How to Use Blogspot Default XML Sitemap?

A Blogspot makes a sitemap automatically whenever you published any new content into your blog post page. You do not need to get any third-party tools. But you can’t customize your site-map manually because it’s generated automatically by Blogspot. Blogspot sitemap is important when you submit a site into Bing Webmaster Tools or Google search console.
Your site will easily index on google and users can see your post on google result as soon as possible.

This one is an example of your post sitemap


This one is an example of your page sitemap


Related More, you can search your sitemap for pages and posts, just by changing www.examples.blogspot.com name to your blog name URL address. If you are using a paid domain, then your website sitemap will be shown like this www.examples.com/sitemap.xml locations.

Another way, you should note that the Blogspot sitemap is changed automatically in a queue number of blog posts. Look out this guy sitemap. There are showing multiple sitemaps into the main sitemap.


So at the start, when your all number of blog posts is less than 499, then your all posts links go to the main homepage sitemap i.e. www.examples.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml. But when someone posts his 502 posts, then, his main sitemap will change i.e. its first 1-501 post will be listed out in www.examples.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml?page=1, and another 500-1000 listed out in www.examples.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml?page=2 and so on. And all these sub-sitemap pages will point to your main sitemapwww.example.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml.

So whenever you need to add a sitemap somewhere like Google webmaster tool, then you only need to apply your main sitemap i.e. www.examples.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml. You can also submit (add) your any site page sitemap www.examples.blogspot.com/sitemap-pages.xml if you have many important pages which are the best.

How to make SEO Friendly Images For Your Blog Post

Everyone wants to upload a good quality SEO Friendly Images on their blog posts. it’s not polite to upload copywriter picture for your content. we should avoid these kinds of stuff and use images and article original yours.


SEO Friendly-Images Tutorial

SEO Friendly-Images now you can make self by using adobe photoshop. you need, first of all, download any picture from google and open it on adobe-photoshop. and then follow some rules as we mentioned in a  video.

SEO-Friendly Images tutorial Video

SEO-Friendly Images video tutorial step by step video given as below. if you don’t understand. comment us below this post. we will try to solve your solution. thanks

10 Ways Speak English fluently and make content writing as well

Hello. I just want to give some tips to those of you who want to speak English fluently and write the language correctly. Here goes……

First, when you read books, newspapers or any materials written in English, read them aloud. You are actually using 2 senses, the sense of sight and sense of hearing. You hear what you read, so more learning will take place.

Second, try to speak English every day. Don’t use your mother tongue (just trying to be practical). Try to convince your classmates, friends, siblings, and housemates to speak in English. Doing so will help you practice and learn from one another.

Third, watch English films, listen to English music and read English newspapers, magazines or books every day.

Fourth, if you want to speak the American way, consult Webster dictionary for the pronunciation of words. If you want the British intonation, consult the Oxford dictionary.

Fifth, use google to translate your language to English and then listen to the pronunciation of the words. One word at a time. Repeat it several times until you have mastered saying the word.

Sixth, listen to people who can speak the language well. As much as possible, talk and listen to native English speakers or to someone who has formal education and training on the language. Listen a lot. Soak your brain with words you need to learn but pay particular attention to words relevant to your life.

Seventh, look at the face of the person and pay particular attention to how she opens her mouth when saying the word. Repeat the word in such a way it was spoken. Don’t be shy to ask the other person to repeat what she said or to ask for the meaning of the word.

Eighth, look for someone who will work hard to understand you, who would confirm understanding of what you said and give you feedback, someone who is willing to help you speak the language fluently.

Ninth, be cool. Don’t let emotions get into your way. You’re not going to learn anything if you’re sad or angry. So relax, learn and enjoy.

Finally, face the mirror when you practice speaking. Your facial expression should match the words that you utter. After that, compliment yourself for a job well done.

These are just simple strategies to keep you going. Good luck!!!

How to Payoneer transfer money to bank account with video tutorial

Welcome to about blogger.com we are here to share with you in this post that how to Payoneer transfer money to bank account.  if you are living in United state or the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan or Indian it does not matter, where do you live. Just connect your bank detail with Payoneer and then verified after verification you will have to get service of Payoneer.

After your verification,  you can see in this video click on withdrawal button and the next to a bank account,
here you can see three kinds of currencies I want to cash out in town I have a 74 found on it. so I would I would like to catch out 74 pounds.  click on the GBP 74 sound button and after I will fill the form I will have to put the amount that I am doing to catch out and the below I need to write some description that why we need cash out this amount. write the description below and after review it. and came next finalized page. click through withdrawal button.
and here is done.

After you can see the page that you will check your amount you have amount successfully sent and you will get your amount within 3 to 5 business days. if you like Our article then please share with your friends who are working in Payoneer,  and facing this problem


Payoneer transfer money to bank account tutorial

All the Payoneer transfer money to your bank account details given as below

  1. Click Withdrawal button on the top navbar section and then click to a bank account,
  2. Choose your currency,
  3. fill up the form
  4.  Add the description and click to the Review
  5. The company will show in front of you the finalize Page.
  6. Click to withdraw button and then done
  7. The page will be a popup that you will get this amount within 3 business days

Payoneer transfer money to bank account Video

We are sharing with you Payoneer transfer money to bank account video tutorial for your easiness. watch this video and subscribe to our youtube channel. thanks


7 best way to make money online in blogging 2019

How to start a blog and select the right monetization platform to make money online. We provide here in this post the 7 best way to earn money with a blog.
Hello, how are you? mostly I heard about bloggers who are beginners in blogging they are started their career that someone suggest them.
 They thought that blogging is the best platform to work and anyone can do this work easily,. well, this is not too much easier work for everyone you will have too little bit information about content writing and website development. I mean this blogging is not for everyone it’s not easy.make-money-online

Actually, if you are interested in blogging and you have content too much and you will have to monetize your blog that you make money online in this field. Spouse, you have created a blog and developed well. but you have no benefits to start your blog because you did not monetize your blog. if you want to make money online through blogging you will have to monetize some platform into your blog site
I am here to doing help you to get the most 7 best platforms to earn money online through blogging that you will monetization ON into your blog and the important is into your blog-site that you will have to get some traffic to your blog then you can make money fast easily I am suggest you that 7 best way to earn money through blogging the list is given below and their description of the mentioned that why should we start a blog and pointwise it and earn cash easily.

Sell Digital Product

The best easy way to earn money online to sell products online. choose any kind of goods you need to sale, Pick that thing and write about that product, or create a widget.

Digital Products are:

  • audiobooks
  • ebooks
  • videos and Pictures
  • Digital Music
  • Software Program
  • Website themes

Sell Physical Product

if you are working offline and do you have a shop. you can start a blog and sell you on stuff online through your blogger site. someone will come into your website and will demand of that product for buy.

Example Physical Products:

  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Handmade Goods
  • Household items
  • Electronics Stuff

Sell Advertising space

suppose, you have a good site, and getting huge traffic with different countries. You will have to choose the monetization platform that you can make money online.  we are sharing with you the best monetizer platform that you can connect with your blog.
The best Advertiser and Publisher platform are:

  • Taboola
  • Google Adsense
  • Media.net
  • Infolinks

Affiliate Marketing

In this Condition, the Company will give you a product and give you 60% of commissions when you sell it. The famous and trustable sites are

  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • Maxbounty

Sell Online Store and Books

Amazon and Clickbank are the best affiliate platform. you can pick a product from that sites and upload it into your blogger site if someone sees that product and buys this. you will buy a handsome commission. It’s your hard work.


Ideas are:

  • Data Entry
  • Content Writing
  • Website Development
  • Marketing

Membership Sites