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How To Remove Blogger Templates Footer Credit? Foot Print Remove trick

Many Friends told me that how to remove blogger templates footer credit? because they do not show her/his footer credit to viewers. They want to show his/her blog sites as a professional. You can free download blogger themes online and remove its footer credit.

Blogger Templates Remove Footer Credit

We are going to introduce at the first time in this blog, about remove blog footer credit. We will describe you easy, simple and short words. Let’s start.




How to remove free blogger templates footer credit and make your own self-blog?

We had posted that how to download blogger templates and How to apply blog theme. if you did not apply templates then you must read the previous post. Today our topic is removed blog theme credit in blogger. so please follow below rules.
Go to your blog and then click Blogger Template button and after go to Html Code. Check Below Image.
After Edit HTML, the PHP coding templated will be open and just you need to search there id=’mycontent’   or  id=”mycontent” . You can find this code by Ctrl + F
And after the find, this just needs to replace this Code. id=”mycontent” style=”visibility: hidden”
and then click to save. and after you can check your blog template footer credit they must be hidden from my blog site. If you like this post then please like our facebook page and follow us on social media site.
This is my fresh result after editing this code.

If you have any confusion then please comment us. we will help you so soon as possible.

How to Blogspot Website fully backup with templates?

Blogspot website fully backup is the most important. We ignored always it. We need to blogger updates daily. We should website back up at lease twice time within a week. Suppose that if someone happens wrong. We would you do. You can lose you are all blog site data.

Blogspot blog site fully backup Tutorial

I am telling you my story. I had seven years old blog. I am not interested in backing up a website. I think that I don’t need it but I was wrong. At once I got an email from Google. The email looks like this that “ We have gotten the copyright content to your blog sites and you have no rights to use Google Blogger services.” I was thread because I did not take back up my websites. I had lost blogger service with 24 my blogs.  Yes, it’s true. My 7 years work hard wasted.  So I suggest you that you should back up your blogs. So I am going to share with you simple tips below.

How to blog Backup?

  • Open into your browser
  • Go to settings
  • Go to other
  • In this page, you can see the import & backup option
  • Click the backup content button and save your all website
  • Your all posts and blogger pages will be save
  • Done

How to import Blog?

·         Open into your browser
·         Go to settings
·         Go to other
·         In this page, you can see the import & backup option
·         Click Import content button
·         Put backup file here from your computer and then ok
·         Refresh page, your all pages and blog post will show quickly

How to backup of blogger template/theme?

·         Open into your Chrome
·         Login and then go to theme
·         You can see in this page on the top right side, Backup/ Restore button option. Click this button
·         After click backup and restore button, Click Download theme
·         Your all blog templates will be save

How to add blogger templates?

If you are using you save theme or templates.
Go to your theme option and then click backup and restore button.
Upload your blog theme file here.

How to delete blog permanently?

·         Open into your browser
·         Go to settings
·         Go to other option buttons
·         Here you can see Delete blog option
·         Click Delete blog button
·         Your all blog content and template will be deleted.

I hope you got to understand. If you have any other question please contact us. If you like our post then please like our facebook page and flow us on Google plus and twitter. Thank you.