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How to Payoneer transfer money to bank account with video tutorial

Welcome to about we are here to share with you in this post that how to Payoneer transfer money to bank account.  if you are living in United state or the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan or Indian it does not matter, where do you live. Just connect your bank detail with Payoneer and then verified after verification you will have to get service of Payoneer.

After your verification,  you can see in this video click on withdrawal button and the next to a bank account,
here you can see three kinds of currencies I want to cash out in town I have a 74 found on it. so I would I would like to catch out 74 pounds.  click on the GBP 74 sound button and after I will fill the form I will have to put the amount that I am doing to catch out and the below I need to write some description that why we need cash out this amount. write the description below and after review it. and came next finalized page. click through withdrawal button.
and here is done.

After you can see the page that you will check your amount you have amount successfully sent and you will get your amount within 3 to 5 business days. if you like Our article then please share with your friends who are working in Payoneer,  and facing this problem


Payoneer transfer money to bank account tutorial

All the Payoneer transfer money to your bank account details given as below

  1. Click Withdrawal button on the top navbar section and then click to a bank account,
  2. Choose your currency,
  3. fill up the form
  4.  Add the description and click to the Review
  5. The company will show in front of you the finalize Page.
  6. Click to withdraw button and then done
  7. The page will be a popup that you will get this amount within 3 business days

Payoneer transfer money to bank account Video

We are sharing with you Payoneer transfer money to bank account video tutorial for your easiness. watch this video and subscribe to our youtube channel. thanks