What does makes a good keyword

Hi! Today we're here to talk about search engine marketing. This post will explain what exactly makes a keyword good. We're also going to touch on three important factors to consider when choosing keywords. These are relevance, traffic, and competition. In Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, you pay every time someone clicks on your ad, so naturally, you want to make sure you're getting your money's worth.  Find a good keyword So, let's go back Read more [...]

How to get the most from your keywords

Hello. By now, you should have a pretty good idea of how people use lots of keywords to search for your products or services. Now, let's talk about making your keywords as effective as possible.  Easy to get the most from your keywords In this post, we'll be looking at research tools like the ones provided by search engines, like Google and Bing. We'll see how using these tools can take some of the guesswork out of choosing keywords and help more potential customers find you online. Let's Read more [...]

How to create a campaign in Google ads Step by Step?

Google ads powered by Google AdWords is an online advertising place where you can start your campaign related to your product or business. you can get more customers easily using this tool. So you're ready to advertise on Google. You've come to the right place. We know it can seem complicated at first. That's why we're here to help. Before we jump in, let's go over what search ads are. What are Search Ads  Imagine you're a florist. At any given moment, someone somewhere is Read more [...]

Most profitable blog niches

How to find most profitable blog Niches
So what is a blog niche? A niche is the main essence of your blog. So if you’re a guitarist and you start a blog about guitar, then the niche of your website will be “guitar”. Similarly, if you find a website that talks only about dogs, then “dogs” will be the niche of the website. Selecting a niche is easy. But more important than selecting a niche, is selecting a profitable niche. See, starting a blog requires hard work. You can’t just start a blog, write a few articles and Read more [...]

How to Write a Blog Post that Ranks in 2020

You’re writing all these blog posts, but for some reason, you’re not getting any rankings, and search traffic from Google. And you know what? Today, I’m gonna share why that is and how to fix that. Hey everyone, You are reading a post on aboutblooger.com, And today I’m gonna explain the number one reason that How to Write a Blog Post that Ranks in 2020? SEO Tutorial, How to Write a Blog Post that Ranks in 2020 Now, a quick question for you. How many blog posts are you writing a week? Read more [...]

How to make a blog on blogger.com

Blogs are a great way to share experiences, thoughts, and updates online. Blogger and WordPress are just two popular sites that let you create blogs for free. To create a blog using Blogger, visit www.blogger.com.If you already have a Google account, you can log in, or sign up to create a new account. Next, choose a display name that will show up in your blog post signatures. Review the Terms of Service, and click Continue. Next, click Create Your Blog Now, then choose a name and web address. Finally, Read more [...]

How to fix ads.txt file in Blogspot blog tutorial?

Most people are upset about to Fix ads.txt error. they received an error in their Google AdSense account and suffering this tension. I have Solution for you how to fix ads.txt issue, we will guide you step by step. How to create ads.txt page in your Blogspot domain? upload ads.txt file in your Blogspot subdomain tutorial step by step guide, easy to understand and no need to read the article and follow instruction. watch below video and follow it your ads.txt problem will be solved.A copy Read more [...]

How to Use Blogspot Default XML Sitemap?

A Blogspot makes a sitemap automatically whenever you published any new content into your blog post page. You do not need to get any third-party tools. But you can't customize your site-map manually because it's generated automatically by Blogspot. Blogspot sitemap is important when you submit a site into Bing Webmaster Tools or Google search console. Your site will easily index on google and users can see your post on google result as soon as possible. This one is an example of your post Read more [...]

How to Create a Meta Description in Blogger?

In this blogspot post, I will try to show you how I create a Meta description in your blogger home-page and to every individual blog posts. Search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing will capture your blogspot post meta description and show it into its search results, see given below the screenshots for an example. Show Meta Descriptions tags on Search result 1st of all I would like to tell you how to choose a meta description for your 1st home page and then for your blog post. But remember Read more [...]