How to Use Blogspot Default XML Sitemap?

A Blogspot makes a sitemap automatically whenever you published any new content into your blog post page. You do not need to get any third-party tools. But you can’t customize your site-map manually because it’s generated automatically by Blogspot. Blogspot sitemap is important when you submit a site into Bing Webmaster Tools or Google search console.
Your site will easily index on google and users can see your post on google result as soon as possible.

This one is an example of your post sitemap

This one is an example of your page sitemap

Related More, you can search your sitemap for pages and posts, just by changing name to your blog name URL address. If you are using a paid domain, then your website sitemap will be shown like this locations.

Another way, you should note that the Blogspot sitemap is changed automatically in a queue number of blog posts. Look out this guy sitemap. There are showing multiple sitemaps into the main sitemap.


So at the start, when your all number of blog posts is less than 499, then your all posts links go to the main homepage sitemap i.e. But when someone posts his 502 posts, then, his main sitemap will change i.e. its first 1-501 post will be listed out in, and another 500-1000 listed out in and so on. And all these sub-sitemap pages will point to your main

So whenever you need to add a sitemap somewhere like Google webmaster tool, then you only need to apply your main sitemap i.e. You can also submit (add) your any site page sitemap if you have many important pages which are the best.

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