How to create a blog in blogger and why we choose Blogspot

we are studying here in this post that how to create a blog in blogger and why we need to choose this Blogspot platform in beginning. Below is the main Question that everyone blogger wants to know.

  • how to create a blog in Blogspot?
  • how to start a blog?
  • why we choose the Blogspot platform?

Hello, I am going here to show you how to create a blog for beginners. most people don’t know how to start a business in blogger actually they come on YouTube or other social media Network and they require that how to make money online actually there is need they want to earn money and they are searching on YouTube or  another social media network that how to earn money or how to make money online so I am using blogger so I suggest that blogger is the best platform to make money online

How to create a blog in Blogspot?

Blogspot is the best platform to start a blog site in the beginning because it is super easy and free.


What is Blogger?

1st Definition: I will explain you in easy words that provide us free subdomain with free storage. “blogger tutorial master” is an example. You can create a free blog with beautiful themes. If you are a good writer and you have some experience, then you create a blog free. How to create it? I will show you, let’s read below.

2nd Definition: I will define you what is blogger On My Mind. blogger provides a hosting to create a unique hosting with their easiest tools that you can use it and create a good blog or website and they give you unlimited hosting with https security. They give you a subdomain which is free. if you want to attach another domain, Then you can buy from Godaddy account or  1and1 site, and you can attach with Blogspot.  Seriously such a nice and profitable business you can start here free and earn money online easily.

Why should we choose blogger platform

You should choose this blogger platform if you are new in this field and getting an experience for Website development. blogger give you free access to work with them they give you free hosting and free domain and much more blogger templates that make sure blog beautiful.  by choosing Blogspot you should not invest any money even a single penny in this field. If you want to create a website and don’t want to invest money,  then this is the best platform for you. because it’s free.  if you are new here and there you have less experience in this week then you should choose this platform for 3.6 months before and after you should buy hosting choose WordPress platform, because its paid.  it is not free, you will have to pay them for hosting and domain.  so I suggest for beginners that they should be staring the blogging here 1st and get experience.

How to start a blog?

We will try to explain that how to start a blog. It is not difficult, we will teach an easy method step by step. Most people don’t know that how to create a new blog.  I will describe for her/ his in short words. It is not difficult and you should little focus on your work. if you are interested in blogging, then you are at right place. we teach you blogger tutorial and its widgets. Mr. Ali told me that Sir, I want to make a website and I don’t know how to create it. So Mr.Ali this tip for you especially, keep in touch and get lessons.

 There are basic tips that how to select good domain and theme. We will just describe in this post for blogger beginners.

 ok Let’s Start

  • Go to and then click new blog button and then the next page will be open. you can follow screenshots.


  • The new window will be open Just like below image. You will have to decide your niche and after work start. it is the most important rule. I am blog adviser so I am selecting Demo Blog in the title. and address is our blog site link. I have used the demo-blogger-tip domain for my site, and subdomain will be automatically generated. At the end of address bar blue tic, its mean you can select this free domain. Templates are your theme. you can choose the beautiful theme as you like.


  • Now lets we check this link, which we have to choose. Go to your browser and give the link on there.
  • Enter and see your domain home page. Just like a show in the below image. This is your 1st page home link and you can see in this picture that there is no post. how to create your post I will show you in the next.
  • Go to and there you will see a new post button Click this button and write a blogger content free. after you create content. press the submit button. It’s Done

Further Information.
Please do not select the wrong domain. choose those title and domain like your activity. If you focus on a niche and then create a site. then you must be a success in your blog. it is too much easy. if you know basic English, then this is too much easy for you. We will share with you the best topics in blogger tutorials and widgets. please join our social media network and keep in touch.

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