7 best way to make money online in blogging 2019

How to start a blog and select the right monetization platform to make money online. We provide here in this post the 7 best way to earn money with a blog.
Hello, how are you? mostly I heard about bloggers who are beginners in blogging they are started their career that someone suggest them.
 They thought that blogging is the best platform to work and anyone can do this work easily,. well, this is not too much easier work for everyone you will have too little bit information about content writing and website development. I mean this blogging is not for everyone it’s not easy.make-money-online

Actually, if you are interested in blogging and you have content too much and you will have to monetize your blog that you make money online in this field. Spouse, you have created a blog and developed well. but you have no benefits to start your blog because you did not monetize your blog. if you want to make money online through blogging you will have to monetize some platform into your blog site
I am here to doing help you to get the most 7 best platforms to earn money online through blogging that you will monetization ON into your blog and the important is into your blog-site that you will have to get some traffic to your blog then you can make money fast easily I am suggest you that 7 best way to earn money through blogging the list is given below and their description of the mentioned that why should we start a blog and pointwise it and earn cash easily.

Sell Digital Product

The best easy way to earn money online to sell products online. choose any kind of goods you need to sale, Pick that thing and write about that product, or create a widget.

Digital Products are:

  • audiobooks
  • ebooks
  • videos and Pictures
  • Digital Music
  • Software Program
  • Website themes

Sell Physical Product

if you are working offline and do you have a shop. you can start a blog and sell you on stuff online through your blogger site. someone will come into your website and will demand of that product for buy.

Example Physical Products:

  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Handmade Goods
  • Household items
  • Electronics Stuff

Sell Advertising space

suppose, you have a good site, and getting huge traffic with different countries. You will have to choose the monetization platform that you can make money online.  we are sharing with you the best monetizer platform that you can connect with your blog.
The best Advertiser and Publisher platform are:

  • Taboola
  • Google Adsense
  • Media.net
  • Infolinks

Affiliate Marketing

In this Condition, the Company will give you a product and give you 60% of commissions when you sell it. The famous and trustable sites are

  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • Maxbounty

Sell Online Store and Books

Amazon and Clickbank are the best affiliate platform. you can pick a product from that sites and upload it into your blogger site if someone sees that product and buys this. you will buy a handsome commission. It’s your hard work.


Ideas are:

  • Data Entry
  • Content Writing
  • Website Development
  • Marketing

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