10 Ways Speak English fluently and make content writing as well

Hello. I just want to give some tips to those of you who want to speak English fluently and write the language correctly. Here goes……

First, when you read books, newspapers or any materials written in English, read them aloud. You are actually using 2 senses, the sense of sight and sense of hearing. You hear what you read, so more learning will take place.

Second, try to speak English every day. Don’t use your mother tongue (just trying to be practical). Try to convince your classmates, friends, siblings, and housemates to speak in English. Doing so will help you practice and learn from one another.

Third, watch English films, listen to English music and read English newspapers, magazines or books every day.

Fourth, if you want to speak the American way, consult Webster dictionary for the pronunciation of words. If you want the British intonation, consult the Oxford dictionary.

Fifth, use google to translate your language to English and then listen to the pronunciation of the words. One word at a time. Repeat it several times until you have mastered saying the word.

Sixth, listen to people who can speak the language well. As much as possible, talk and listen to native English speakers or to someone who has formal education and training on the language. Listen a lot. Soak your brain with words you need to learn but pay particular attention to words relevant to your life.

Seventh, look at the face of the person and pay particular attention to how she opens her mouth when saying the word. Repeat the word in such a way it was spoken. Don’t be shy to ask the other person to repeat what she said or to ask for the meaning of the word.

Eighth, look for someone who will work hard to understand you, who would confirm understanding of what you said and give you feedback, someone who is willing to help you speak the language fluently.

Ninth, be cool. Don’t let emotions get into your way. You’re not going to learn anything if you’re sad or angry. So relax, learn and enjoy.

Finally, face the mirror when you practice speaking. Your facial expression should match the words that you utter. After that, compliment yourself for a job well done.

These are just simple strategies to keep you going. Good luck!!!

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